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Boom Brothers Slot - Play Hippo Casino

Boom Brothers is a 3D slot machine game powered by Net Entertainment. The Boom Brothers video slot has 5 different bet levels and a maximum of 20 different win lines. The Wild symbols can net you a nice profit because they can replace other symbols, except for the Free Spins and Bonus symbols.

A total of 112,500 coins are available to win in this slot game. If the player has the maximum wager staked, which is possibility, considering that it is only £100 per max spin, they could win the top jackpot of £37,500.

Play Hippo Casino is offering an Exclusive 10 Free spins on Boom Brothers. Play Boom Brothers slot and the 10 free spins will be waiting for you there. Just log in to our web casino and play Boom Brothers and you will instantly have 10 free spins.

Benefits of using Online Casinos Over Traditional Land Based Casinos

The last century was the age of science and technology. Many new inventions were made in every sphere of life. Internet is one of the greatest innovations of science. It has revolutionalized every aspect of life. The field of entertainment is no exception. Casinos are an important source of entertainment. Since the time when casino games were invented, players had to visit land based casinos to play their favorite games. Now days, with great advancement in internet technology, this facility is available on-line. These on-line casinos have certain advantages over the traditional land based casinos. This article offers a detailed insight in to the various benefits of playing online casino games:

  • The best online casinos offer the opportunity to use different languages while playing games, thus removing the language barriers. This enables a player to completely understand the rules, regulations and the game situation. Most of the online casinos offer the option of using languages like English, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Polish, German, Korean, Dutch, among others.
  • Smoking is prohibited in most of the land based casinos. But when you are playing online games from home, you have the freedom to do anything you like.
  • When you are at home you can eat or drink anything as per your wish. Whereas when you visit a land based casino you will have to follow the rules and regulations applicable there.
  • When a player visits a land based casino he has to follow a certain dress code. He has to wear a tie, cardigan or get formally dressed. While playing these games on-line you don’t have to follow any particular dress code. As you can participate in the games from your home, using your personal computer, you can wear anything you like.
  • The online casinos provide the opportunity to place bets in any currency. Whereas, this facility is not available in every land based casino.
  • By using online casinos you can avoid travelling, thus saving time and money.Despite all the above stated benefits of online casinos, the land based casinos have their own plus points. By playing in a traditional casino you can enjoy the special atmosphere that a gambling den offers. You can also communicate with the various players and enjoy their company.

5 Table Etiquettes to be followed in Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game based on the element of luck. But there are some basic etiquettes that a new Blackjack player needs to learn to learn before starting to play the game in order to avoid a reprimand from the dealer. This blog offers an insight in to five such table manners:

  • After placing your bet you must not touch the chips. Even if you are doing it unintentionally the dealer might think that you are trying to sneak extra chips into your bet as you possess a good hand.
  • While doubling down, put the extra chips next to the original chips, not on top of them. If the dealer has not counted your bet ahead of time, he might suspect that you are acting in a dishonest manner.
  • Do not touch your cards in the London Deal game where cards are distributed face up. Casinos forbid this in order to stop players from marking the cards..
  • Never touch the cards with two hands in the Nevada Deal and handle them only when necessary. Place them in clear sight in order to make sure that your integrity is not suspected.
  • Use hand signals in order to avoid confusion created by noise made by various players. This will help the dealer in noticing your moves clearly.

Different Versions of Poker

Poker is a game of cards. Being extremely popular, poker can be played both online as well as in traditional casinos. The game of online poker offers a wide range of variations. All the games have their own distinct set of rules, although these are all similar in nature. Online poker could be played from home itself, thus avoiding unnecessary travelling. More over you don’t need to follow any particular dress code while playing from home. You can also have food and drinks of your choice and enjoy the company of your friends or family. This article offers genuine insight into the various advantages of playing online poker and its versions.

Different versions offer a player the option of experiencing different games thus keeping his interest alive. An online poker player has many versions of poker games to choose from like Texas Hold’em poker Heads up Poker Straight Poker, Seven card stud Razz Six card stud poker, Omaha HOSE Poker, Omaha HI-Lo A to 5 triple draw etc.

Online poker games are the most popular among all kinds of online casino games. These are easy to learn and are available for players of different skill levels. One of the best features of internet poker games is free poker games. This version is best suited for players not interested in monetary rewards.

These free online poker games offer a chance to new players to understand the basics of poker and enjoy participation with no monetary risks involved. This option of free poker games is not available in traditional casinos. A player can practice his game and improve his playing skills for participation in real games involving money.

In order to find the most appropriate poker playing option, a player needs to do a bit of research. There are numerous web sites that offer various poker playing options with their excellent features. All a player needs to do is to register at the website of his choice. In order to play online poker a player has to acquire an internet connection. The features offered by online poker casinos are simply unmatched and this accounts for its rising popularity over land based poker games.

5 Popular Games Available at Online Casinos

Online casinos have become extremely popular throughout the world. Thousands of people around the globe visit the online casino websites to play their favorite games. This article offers an insight in to some of the popular online casino games:

1. Poker

Poker comprises of a number of well-known card games in which betting is involved. In these games success depends on the ranks and combinations of cards. These ranks and combinations are mostly displayed at the end of the game. This game is extremely popular throughout the world.

2. Craps

It is a simple game based entirely on luck. In this game a player has to place bets. The victory depends on whether your number comes up or not.

3. Baccarat

This game involves betting on the player or the bank. In some parts of the world this game is also referred to as Punto Banco. It is a comparing card game played between the player and the banker. Each baccarat coup game can have three results player victorious, banker victorious and a tie.

4. Roulette

The popularity of this game could be gauged from the fact that it isdisplayed in many movies and television serials. In this game a player has to bet on whether a number is odd or even, which color is displayed.

5. Blackjack

In this exciting game all the players draw cards and the players who havesecured 21 points or the maximum number of points less than 21 is the winner. If a player scores more than 21 points then he or she loses the game.